How to Create a Color Print Book from pre-existing hard copy w/ text, photos & collage affordabl

Hi, I have a hard copy book (11x17'') (w/photos/collage/illustration as well as text) that i'd like to turn into an 8.5 x 11" full color paper back , probably with the saddle stitch binding, around 35-40 pages long. It exists only as a hard copy - what's the best way to convert this so Lulu can print it? I imagine taking a photo of each pag and turning it into a pdf and then putting the pdf's together into one document?


I have no experience doing this sort of thing. I'd like to spend no more than $10 per book. The other alternative would be just to photocopy it and make it myself - but color photocopies make this more expensive, and so I might just do it b&w, or mostly b&w. to save costs. the book is an accompaniment to a music CD I completed, and is a kickstarter gift that I owe, and I'd like to sell a few more on the side.


Any of you with experience with this sort of thing, thanks for your support!



PS you can see some pages below, thanks!


  • Start by reprinting your PDF as as smaller size, "shrink to fit" in your PDF software. You will have unusual margins to accommodate the size change. But it's way better than manually photocopying all those pages.


    Your best option is to take your source file, resize the pages,  resize your images to fit, then print a PDF  that is 8.5 by 11.



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  • "Start by reprinting your PDF as as smaller size, "shrink to fit" in your PDF software." - Hi Maggie, what do you mean by this? Forgive my ignorance, but how do I get my hard copy into PDF - by photographing each page, I imagine? Any tips on the best wayto do that? And then - I have a Mac - use iphoto to create pdf's? THanks for telling me, I have no idea how to do this!!



  • Jonathon, you only have the printed copy? No PDF? Someone uploaded a file to print. Hunt them down and get your PDF. From there, open it and PRINT as a different size. Select "Shrink to fit. Use the free DoPDF software.


    Come back when that is done and ask for more steps/ideas.


    If you cannot find a PDF and the original designers have disappeared off the face of the earth, scan. No photographs. I think it would not look professional to have so many pictures of images. Scan at 300 dpi.



    Bon courage. The latter sounds like a lot of work.



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  • There are no pdf's - I am the original designer- it's just a rough copy of a book I've put together with text and pics and collage.  I just took a quick iphone photo of a couple of pages. So you're saying to scan - that might be real expensive at like a fed ex kinkos. I dunno! Looking into maybe using the photo books they have in iphoto, altho i may have same issue.


    I just need to get this done - inexpensively!! 


    What do you mean by "use the free DoPDf software? How do i create pdf's if I've never done so before



  • Hi Jonathon,


    A scanner costs $75. You can order one online from W a l m a r t. It also serves as a photocopier.


    You made it yourself as a scrap book?


    You need to download the doPDF software and play around with it. Youtube videos on how to print a PDF from a Word document. This is essential if you are to make any books.


    Familiarize yourself, learn. There is information on Google, Youtube, knowledgebase.

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  • If you don't want to invest in the scanning hardware - it sould be pretty inexpensive to take your creation to Kinko's and have them scan the book. They should be able to resize the files and save the PDF to a thumb drive.


    If you don't want to spend any money, ask a friend or neighbor if they have a scanner you can borrow. Most people do. Save the images as PDFs and move them to a thumb drive. You can then resize the images using Maggie's suggestion.


    Upload the images into your project in the order you want them printed and our print converter will stitch them together. Don't forget that the first page of your book will be on the left side of the opened book. Nothing will be printed on the inside of the cover.

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