Front cover printing is overflowing into the spine

The lulu printing process is consistently overrunning the front cover onto the spine. I'm not even using my own covers, I'm using the lulu templates. Proof is in images>

Is this going to be fixed? Why is this happening?


  • No process is perfect - with any printer.


    You might want to consider uploading your own PDF cover file. The result is impeccable -- in my experience.


    In the meantime, raise a ticket and see if you could get a replacement book.

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  • Are you on employee for lulu?
  • I'd send in a ticket to support. They are usually good about replacing books if it's their fault.
  • I eventually found that the trouble free solution is to have the spines the same colour as the borders around my front and back images. That can be done using the colour-picker.

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  • So you've had the same problem? Have you contacted lulu about it? Do you know if they're going to fix the problem?
  • I made a ticket ten days ago and no response.


    Also, I want to make several of my books with the same design available to the public for mass printing. What happens then?


    Also, wouldn't a replacement book just get me another misprinted book? I say this because I have order this book three times with the exact same problem

  • I had the same problem years ago, it's a random one, hence the way I do my covers now. No I did not tell Lulu because I sorted out a solution myself. It's faster!


    Lulu do not make the books, and they are made using POD laser and inkjet machines that can be a bit inaccurate, so it's best to adjust everything you can do yourself to make allowances for that, in the same manner I also increased my margin sizes a few years back.

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  • BTW. Which Cover Wizard are you using?

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  • The newer version
  • There's 3, perhaps even four. The old one, the newer old one, the Advanced, and the One-piece.

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  • OK, because with the One-piece one it's hard to get the spine lined up because you have to upload one image. Front, spine, back.


    If you use the default one then just try what I suggested than you wont tell if the front and back overflow on to the spine.

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  • Hello cblupo

    First - if a forum participant has a Lulu logo displayed next to their name, they are employed by Lulu.


    As to the spine, try taking a few paperback books off your bookshelf and looking at the spines. You will most likely see the same effect - a little run over in one or the other direction. This is very common and is not considered a defect.


    As Kevin suggested, making the spine the same color as the front and back covers alleviates the problem - hence the popularity of this technique in both self and traditionally published book.

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