How to Describe Your Project

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What are you doing in this step?

On this step you describe your book so that readers can find and buy it. 


  1. Select the category your book falls in or pick the best match.

  2. Enter all of the keywords that describe your book. These keywords will make it easier for customers to find your book. Use terms that are distinct and specific to your book and avoid general keywords that could describe any book.

  3. Write a description of your book. This description will appear on the item page for your book and customers will use it to decide if they're interested in your book.

  4. Tell us what language your book is written in.

  5. Set your copyright.

  6. Select the type of license you'd like to use.

  7. Tell us which edition of the book this is.

  8. Enter the name of the publisher of the book. This could be your name or your imprint.

  9. Click Save & Continue to finish and go to the next step.

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