Should I use CMYK, RGB or grayscale images?


Depending on which type of binding you choose for your book, there are different ways to optimize your document for print.

  • For all black and white books - The source document and images should be in grayscale mode.
  • For full color books - Our printers use CMYK color space for all color printing. We recommend using the CMYK settings when generating your files for color printing. If you use RGB color space, we will convert your file to CMYK color space when making a print ready file, so it is important to review the print ready PDF to see if there are any color discrepancies before the file goes to print.
    • If your full color book contains black and white images, set each black and white image to grayscale.


Images for eBooks should be created and added to your document in RGB. Most images created on computers are created in RGB. Paint on a PC and Preview on a Mac should be able to show you.

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