How do I insert images into my document?

There are many ways to insert images into your documents. An easy way to ensure that your image stays where you want it is to create a paragraph in your word processing document to hold the image, then insert it. To insert an image in a Microsoft Word document:


  1. Move the insertion point to the end of the paragraph that introduces your image. Press Enter.
  2. With the insertion point in the new paragraph, select Picture > From File from the Insert menu. (You can also paste an image from the clipboard.)
  3. Browse to select the file, then click Insert.
  4. Adjust the sizing and placement of the image:
    • Resize the image so that it fits in the text boundaries.
    • Use the cropping tools to remove extra white space from the image.
    • Select Paragraph from the Format menu and change spacing above and below to add padding around the image.
    • Use paragraph alignment to center- or left-align the image.
    • Select Reference > Caption from the Insert menu to add a figure caption to the image.
  5. Save your document.
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