Add Images to Your Calendar

Once you have uploaded the images you intend to use for your calendar, you only need to click on the thumbnail image and drag it to the frame in which you want the image to appear. Images can be dragged and dropped into both the image layout page and onto specific dates in your calendar.


The image will automatically resize proportionally to match the nearest appropriate dimension of the frame.


You can also click the Autofill button located at the bottom of the page, which will automatically insert an image into each month's layout frames until all of the images have been inserted. Note: If you delete an image from the middle of your calendar and then click autofill, the fill process will start with the first empty frame.


Are you seeing an orange triangle with an exclamation mark on your image? 

Image dimensions are adjusted to fit the frame into which they are placed. Since Lulu does not modify the image itself, this stretching or shrinking forces the image resolution to change. The resolution becomes higher if an image is shrunk and lower if the image is stretched. If you place an image in a frame and its resolution drops below the recommended 150 dpi, an orange triangle with an exclamation point (!) displays on the picture. This indicates that the printed image will be coarse and pixilated, and you probably won't be happy with the result. Try placing the image in a smaller frame or zooming out of the image.

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