Add Images: Upload from My Computer

Depending on the theme selected for your calendar, you will most likely wish to add your own illustrations, pictures, or photos to personalize your work.


Once you have identified the pictures on your computer that you want to use, they must be uploaded for use in your project.


To upload images from your computer:

  1. From within the calendar creation wizard, click the Photos button on the menu bar or the Add Images button in the Project Images panel.
  2. Click Upload your images in the resulting window.

    Add Images 1.png

  3. Navigate to the folder in which your project photos are located.
  4. Select image files you wish to use for your calendar.
  5. Click the Open button to begin uploading the images files.

    Add Images 2.png

  6. If you selected multiple files, you can choose to wait or continue working as the files are uploading.
  7. If you choose to wait, an Add Your Photos window will display uploaded files along with a progress statement.
  8. When complete, click the Done button in the Add Photo window.
  9. Uploaded files are displayed in the Project Images panel on the right side of the page.

    Add Images 3.png

  10. To add more images, click the Add Images button in the Project Image panel and repeat the above process.
  11. To stop an image from uploading, click Cancel.
  12. To restart the upload, click Upload.
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