Add a Title and Author


When you start working on your calendar, you may be unsure what you want to call it. The default calendar name is therefore set to My Calendar.


If you search the Lulu Marketplace, however, you will find there are 300+ pages of calendars offered for sale with the "My Calendar" title. To make your remarkable work stand out from the crowd, you should give it a unique title and give yourself credit for your efforts.


To enter title and author information

  1. From within the Calendar Creation Wizard click File in the top menu bar.
  2. Choose Edit title and author(s) from the resulting list.
  3. Complete the title and author fields.
  4. Choose whether to make your calendar public or for your own private access.
  5. Click Save.



The title and author information you enter will be applied to the cover of your calendar. You can modify the title on your calendar cover by clicking on the title box displayed on the cover and entering a new title.

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