Adjust Image Size or Orientation

For best results, you should crop or edit your images to match the approximate size and orientation of the intended image frames. To ensure high quality printing, images should be set to a resolution of 150 dpi or higher.


Note: Image files greater than 10MB cannot be added to photo books or calendars.


Once you have positioned your image in the layout image frame, you can make minor adjustments to the image by clicking on it. An image toolbox window opens allowing you to:

  • Move an image in its frame by clicking on the image and repositioning it in the frame.
  • Rotate an image.
  • Mirror an image.
  • Shrink or enlarge an image in its frame, by clicking the plus or minus magnifying glass, or moving the slider in between the two.

Click anywhere outside of the image to close the image toolbox.


PB Adjust Size.png


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