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I published my book a couple of weeks ago and purchased a proof copy.  (4 further copies have actually been sold!!!)


I now wanted to opt for free Global Reach distribution and if I click on Manage and then the option to use Global Reach, the system says that I am eligible.  However it appears that if I proceed I am expected to buy a proof copy after agreeing to join.


Does this mean that I must buy another  copy from Lulu or does my original purchase suffice?


  • When going through the wizard to publish the book there is an option for global distribution. When you select that, you must purchase one copy of the book to proof and make sure it prints the way that you want. You can't get the distribution without buying one copy. Once that's done a link saying approve will show up and you click that and then lulu will perform the necessary things to get your book out there.
  • Thanks for the reply.


    The point at issue is that I did not select the Global Reach option during the publishing process.  I did this a couple of weeks ago and bought a proof copy at that time.  I am now seeking to take advantage of the program using the MANAGE option against the project - LULU confirms that my book is eligible -  but would obviously prefer not to have to buy another proof copy.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Selecting ‘Global Reach’ triggers a process, the first part of which is ordering a proof copy. Once you hit the ‘Approve’ button your book goes into distribution. You cannot get to this point without purchasing a proof copy.


    Sadly the book that you bought before you selected ‘Global Reach’ is simply a purchase and does not count as a proof copy because at the time you had not requested distribution beyond Lulu.

  • Hi,


    I have not published with Lulu for many years. I was expecting to have an option to choose global reach. That is be able to sell on Amaxon etc. This option was faded and would not let me click on it. Obviously, I want to choose this option and obtain an ISBN before I proceed. I want to be able to enter the ISBN on the copyright page before I start uploading.


    As far as I know I have chosen appropriate formats to make the book suitable for distribution. Namely: Value perfect-bound paperback Size: A4. Pages: 182.


    I am still not get the option to distribute the book globally. I did not get these problems when I published a book 7 years ago.


    Tony Hawken

  • Hi Tony


    Reads to me that 'value' is not eligible for distribution.


    Our Premium Paperback and Professional Hardcover product lines include book formats that qualify for retail distribution. These book are designated by green check (tick) marks


    The Green tick doesn't appear on any of the Value options


    The green tick does appear on the Premium options, but not on Premium A4 which are available only as Coil bound or Saddle stitched -- see



    A4 8.26 x 11.69" Black and White Perfect Bound 68-740


    is listed  as Eligible for distribution on this page


    My assumption is that Lulu have changed the sizes acceptable for distribution  since you last published and not updated their help page.chart of acceptable sizes.

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