Expedited Shipping Complaint

I ordered 50 books this Monday and paid more than $110 for Expedited shipping, estimating that they would at least arrive in time before Sunday 6/1. The books were shipped by 5/29. Estimates on Lulu's page states that the books would arrive in 2 days "FedEx 2nd day", which is 5/31 today. However, on FedEx ship tracking--it states that the books would arrive on Monday 6/2, which will not meet my deadline. That is beyond ridiculous that I paid a $114 for "faster" shipping when I could have paid $57 for general shipping that has the same shipping time. It is absolutely understandable that Lulu is not responsible for the shipping time estimated because it is on FedEx to guarantee that. YET, that does not justify the fact that I've been ripped off.


Because Lulu only has customer service through email, I would like a full refund for the shipping prices, or at least reduce the price charges to general ground FedEx shipping.


  • You may want to check this, but I don't think FedEx delivers on weekends. In order for our Support team to review your request, please click the help button and submit a support ticket. Click the Help button in the upper right corner, choose the email option and the My Order category.
  • Yes infact Fedx has Saturday delivery. I get monthly delivery for personal things. And sometimes they will deliver on Saturdays.

  • It turns out that Lulu may be responsible for delaying shipment on your 5/29/14 Thursday ship date..


    Look at the FedEx site here:
    Saturday delivery is already included in shipping cost for "FedEx 2Day" (= Lulu Expedited).


    Now look at your FedEx tracking information for an Expedited order. 
    The Service box should say "FedEx 2Day".
    But notice that the Special Handling section requires "Deliver Weekday".

    This means that Lulu is specifically requesting Weekday Delivery when Saturday delivery is already included in shipping cost. 
    Lulu is prohibiting Saturday delivery, not FedEx.

    To verify shipping time to your address, go to this FedEx site:




  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Not sure why you are giving a reply to a question from over a year ago, but Lulu do not ship the books because Lulu do not print them.  Smiley Happy

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