3rd Party API?

Does Lulu no longer offer an API for 3rd party developers? I've seen when clicking the 'development portal' link that the portal no longer exists, but is there still a way to order lulu products from a 3rd party application or has the entire functionality gone?


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    It's been discontinued.

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  • Hi Jordan,

    Maggie is right, we discontinued the API program at the end of April 2014.  We are reviewing opportunities to re-launch in 2015.




    I am sure we will make a big announcement when API's are reintroduced.  Stay tuned and thank you for your interest.


    Rachel Braynin

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  • Perhaps the problem is lack of communication. I had no idea lulu offered API until it was gone. Your knowledge base is rather tedious to search and the forum isn't much better. Both seem to be filled with rudamentry information on the basics for begginers.... A section titled "advanced self marketing and sales tools," might be a good knowledge base addition. That way those of us who have been using lulu for a while and understand how to use the basic system can stop tripping over " How do I get an Isbn," and other such topics when we're searching for more advanced features. Also allowing more (way more) customization of our spotlight and grouping of products under "package deals," would be awesome and simple sales tools for all of us........ 



    J L Arnold

  • Just like LULU's entire business, I think the API may have been just a little ahead of its time. 


    I do wish you had "stuck to it" - but understand some of the reasons for shuttering it.


    Now the world is ready - now the world has caught up with you.


    I would ask that you consider restarting the endeavor. People are now really thinking in terms of API's and webhooks and the ability to interact programatically with LULU (especially for ordering and fulfillment) would be a wonderful addition.

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