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How do I undo an ineligible eBook?

I went to add Amazon Kindle as a distribution option for my eBook. However, when asked if it was already on Amazon, in a temporary lapse of what I was clicking, I clicked "yes", thinking that my paperback was on Amazon. After doing so I got a message saying it was ineligable because my eBook was already on there. The fact is, it is my paperback, not my eBook.


How do I undo this? I can not find a way other than making a new revision. I want it like it is as italready has an ISBN.


Thanks to anyone who can help.


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Hello drml,


    Only Lulu staff can undo it for you. Start a Support ticket by clicking on the Help button - top right.


    Don't stress about it till then, and have a great weekend.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Hello drmlwilliams

    I have updated the distribution status for your eBook. You may now submit it for distribution to the Kindle Bookstore.


    I did not see a support case reported for your account. If you submitted one, please send me the case number and I will mark it as resolved.

  • Same thing happrned to me.  Could you lease reset it?

  • Hi Melmenant,

    If you submit a support ticket and note the information for your book, we can get that status reset for you.

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