Conversion to PDF changes page numbers

I have been utilizing Lulu's conversion to PDFs from Word documents for the interior of my book. I format the page numbers in Microsoft Word for Mac 2011, but when the document gets converted to PDF online via Lulu, the page numbers no longer correspond with the table of contents. The text in the content of the book adjust slightly as well, which seems to be the problem.

For example, a paragraph that starts at the top of the page in the Word document is now halfway down the page in the PDF. The conversion does not keep the Word document exactly "as is," which ruins the page numbering.


  • I use Open Office and have had the same problem. I have to look at my interior and then readjust my table of contents every time I make a revision. You're not alone. Smiley Wink

  • It could be that your pages are not the right size for the book size you are creating.

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  • It could be that you're using line feeds to force a new page rather than PAGE BREAK.

    It could be that you're using a font that is not supported and Lulu has changed the fon twhich has affected pagination.


    The best thing to do is to create the PDF yourself, which you can do on Word with SAVE AS PDF and embes fonts (In Options tick the ISO19005 box), and then check the PDF is how you want it to be before uploading it.

    Lulu's prefers to receive files as PDFs.

  • Same problem - but with word 2007 for PC...

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