Putting URL's in an eBook?

I was wondering if it is okay to put a few URL's in my eBook. One is to my site where I have an email contact address in case anyone wants to get a hold of me for publishing rights. I do have links to several of my books on my site, but I don't sell anything directly. I have links to Amazon and Kindle, and will put links to Nook and Barnes & Noble.com when my books become available there. Can I put the URL to my personal website in my eBook?

Also I have listed several non-profit organization's URL's to offer support and access to resources for those reading my book. Most of them are .org, one of them is a .net. Is it okay to have URL's to non-profit organizations in an eBook?




  • I know of several books which have not been accepted into the iBookstore because of external links. Don't add them.

    Kindle does not have a problem with linked urls.

  • Gotcha,

    Is there some way to provide access to people who want to contact me concerning publishing rights, or copyrights?

  • Yes, you can add your email and other contact information on the colophon page.

  • Thanks, but I don't know what the colophon page is. Is that the Copyright page?

  • How Do. Take a seat.
  • I don't have one of those pages. Is it okay to put it after the copyright notice as I copied it here:


    Please note that all rights are reserved. None of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means, electronically or mechanically, including recordings, or by any means of information retrieval systems without permission in writing from Robert Anthony. Only brief quotations in critical article reviews are allowed. I can be contacted via email at PerspectiveShiftTherapy@gmail.com

    All Rights Reserved

  • I don't think there's any fixed rule. But if at the front they are generally between the Title Page and the Copyright Page.

    I put mine at the back under the assumption people will wish to buy my other books, after they have read the one they have just read  Smiley Happy

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  • So I "can" put a list of my other book titles in my eBook and Hard Copies? I didn't know I could do that. So do you just put "Also By..." and list my work like on the last page?



  • Indeed. Smiley Happy

    I have my own website listed in my books. If that's an Advert, no retailer has complained. Possibly because they are not the URL of Amazon, etc, but my own. Kevinlomas.net

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  • For example, I feel sure B & N would object to this in e-pubs there >>



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  • You can include URLs and your email address in your eBook if you would like, but the address cannot be an active link. If the links are active, your eBook will be rejected for distribution.

  • I would like to put a dedication and list my other books in my next e book. Can I do this on a separate page at the end of the book? With chapter heading 1? Can I also insert a photograph under the dedication?
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