Revise Photo Book Projects

Once you complete your photo book project, it will be displayed on the My Lulu page in the Projectslist. If you should later choose to edit this project, you can easily revise the completed project.


To revise your completed project:

  1. Click My Projects.
  2. Locate your project and click Revise.
  3. The project details page opens.
  4. Click Create New Revision to create a draft version of your project.
  5. Click Launch the Lulu Studio to begin editing the draft version of your project.

A draft version of your project will be added to your project list allowing you to return later to complete your edits if you wish.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon completion of the editing process in the Studio wizard, your revised project will replace the previously available version. If you wish to create different editions of a project for personal use or to offer for sale, you should create a new project rather than revising an existing project. 

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