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Google Books FAQ

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Google Books allows potential readers to browse, select and preview approximately 20% of your book’s content before buying it.  Additionally, links are provided allowing shoppers to easily purchase your book from Lulu.com and all retail distribution partner sites on which your book may also be listed for sale.

How much does enrolling in Google Books cost?

This is a free service for Lulu authors. 

Do I lose any rights to my content if I participate in Google Books?

You retain all rights to your work.  Google Books displays a limited preview of your book for as long as you wish to have the book listed.

How do I enable the Google Books service?

Any print book with a valid ISBN is eligible for a Google Books listing.  To enroll your book in this program, log into your Lulu account, go to the My Lulu > My Projects page, and choose Enable Google Book Search beneath the desired project to enroll your book.

How long will it take for my Google Books listing to appear?

Following activation, your book will be listed on the Google Books site in about 2 weeks.

Are eBooks eligible for Google Books?

Print books are eligible for distribution to Google Books. E-Books are distributed to Google Play when the Kobo and Everywhere Else distribution option is selected.

Why is Google Books showing my entire book?

Google Books previews are set to show 20% of your book’s interior.  This is 20% of the entire interior, not simply the first 20 pages of your 100 page masterpiece.  If you scroll through your listing on Google Books, you may see pages selected from various locations within your book, but the total preview never exceeds 20%.

Why doesn’t my Google Books listing have a cover image or preview?

Google can create limited listings based on the ISBN information associated with your book.  Similar to a library’s card catalog, Google Books entries are built from the book’s metadata, which includes the title, author, ISBN, subject, and copyright information, and in some cases the table of contents and/or book summary.  To get a full Google Books listing, please activate the service through your Lulu account.

I no longer want my preview shown.  How can I remove my Google Books listing?

Please contact Lulu Support to have your Google Books listing removed.

What is the difference between Google Books and Google Play?

Google Books features excerpts from and links to purchase your print books. Google Play is an online bookstore from which your eBook can be purchased. Your eBook is made available for purchase in the Google Play store when you choose the "Kobo and Everywhere Else" eBook distribution option.


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