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please help about save and continue button on file partition

when i press it nothing happened it is blank one not clikable

i then press on "MY FILES ON LULU" button at the top of the  page

when i press save and continue button at the end of this page

i am directed to another page with the following links"Please visit Lulu Support for more assistance."

"Pre-Publishing Packages "  " Book Formatting "

i dont know what to do proceed to the next step after "add files" which is "marketing image" and the save and continue button not working


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  • I believe you have to either upload your manuscript or select files previously uploaded into the My Files section before the Save and Continue button is activated.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    That would indeed be the case. If nothing has happened to Continue from, then there's nowhere to Continue to.

  • I have done this (uploaded a new verion) and the save and continue button is greyed out.

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