How to convert existing trade paperback to ebook?

I recently published a trade paperback novel with Lulu.  What I'd like to do now is add an ebook version of that same novel.

 But I'm uncertain how I go about doing that.

 Do I start a brand-new project?

 Or do I revise my existing trade paperback project?

 And if I revise my existing trade paperback project, will that affect the trade paperback?  i.e., Will it change its ISBN, or will it delay the trade paperback being sold at Amazon, or require that a new edition of the trade paperback be sold at Amazon?

 I love to write, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at the technical side.   Any help you can give me, so I can get an ebook edition out, is greatly appreciated!




  • Yes, you must create a new project.
    Select Publish and then eBooks.
    Make sure you spend an hour or so reading the Lulu guide on creating an EPUB from Microsoft Word.
    A book must be formatted differently for an EPUB to the way formatted for print although the same basic manuscript can be used.
    An EPUB will have a new ISBN and will not affect the print book in any way.

    Of course if you want a perfect EPUB then take advantage of my publishing service!
  • Simple answer, use Ken. That's what I do....professional, cost effective, headache free.


  • Dear Ken,

      What information would you need on my recently published paperback book in order to provide a cost estimate on converting it to an ebook?  Cordially, Jay F. Dudley.


  • Look at the age of these postings. Ken has not been around for years. Look for Maggie, she can answer that.


    But Lulu's Wizards convert docx to ePubs. All you need do is read about the formatting.



    It's a lot simpler to do than a printed book  :-)

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