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Pages Minimum

Hi there,


Is the page minimum for a print book the amount of pages uploaded from the manuscript or is it each printed page? Does the back and front count for the page minimum? 


  • A sheet of paper in a book comprises 2 pages, front and back.

    If you download the print ready file and view in Adobe Reader you will see the total number of pages.

  • doesn't count the cover


    each page printed - if you number every page and the count is 30 then its thirty pages (on 15 sheets of paper)

  • Yes, each book size and binding type has a minimum and a maximum page count, and it depends on the size and binding type. This help page lists the minimum page counts: hhttp://connect.lulu.com/t5/Product-Pricing-Information/Binding-options-and-their-page-counts/ta-p/33673

    Covers are uploaded separately and not counted in the minimum and maximum page counts.

  • I'm also wondering about this, as I'm a bit of a long writer.

    The limit for most options is 740. Now, is this 740 back and front for a total of 1480 all up or is the back and front considered two pages? I feel 740 may be a bit of a restraint once I get up to really writing some nice quality fiction.


  • 740 pages, fronts and backs, recto and verso, not sheets of paper.

  • Hi, I've up loaded my pages for the interior of my and get a  -notice that I can't make a PDF of the interior

    cause it limited to 100 pages. What do I do the book is about 125 pages. Can this page amount be increased?
    Never had this come up before.

    Thx for any help.



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