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I hope this is the right topic board for this.


  • Should be on Hot Off the Press and better to keep with your previous posts. Too many for the same book may annoy some.

  • Thanks, I tried asking reddit. 

    I didn't want to put it in "Hot Off the Press" because it's not "Hot Off the Press."

    I'm sick of it too.  It's all I've done for several days.

  • I wish there were another place we could ask these questions, like about the same book.  Could someone create a topic board called, "Revised?"  That way we don't clutter up the feeds. I've seen a few people do this with their revised work.

    It didn't seem appropriate when I posted this, but I want to know.

    I am really obsessive compulsive, so I do the same things over and over again sometimes.  It's a problem I know that I have.

  • Hot Off the Press is the only board to promote your work.

    Remember the Forum has a limited number of regular users and few new ones so you're really promoting your book as though who may be slightly interested will have by now had a look at all they want to see of it.

    To others you're just adding clutter to the Forum.

  • I've noticed several of us are clogging the feeds.  I just wrote a suggestion about what we could do about it.

    My main concern is fixing the errors before my stuff goes off to other places.

    I'm not trying to promote.  I'm trying to fix things.



  • I think that a forum specifically for revision would be excellent.  Hot off the press is nice, and I've gotten a lot of work squared away on it, but if there are any moderators checking this out, a new forum would be great.  Maybe 'Ready to go press...again'?

  • For those of you new to the Forum you should be aware that we've spent a lot of time whittling down the number of boards to make them manageable for everyone. The Lulu Forum in variaous incarnations has undergone a number of changes over the last ten years so instead of your spending just a few days here and suggesting unnecessary changes spend a month or so understanding the formats and how the different boards can be used as you will find they cover everyones requirements with easy navigation.

  • Well, I'll just have to be more thoughtful then and not so obsessive.  I do have OCD.

    I'm sure if we're here a while that we'd know who to send our work to and such instead of submitting it a billion times. I've seen several other people do this with there various "revisions."  That's the only reason I said something.  I noticed I was cluttering the place up too, but I really wanted help.  I won't do so again.

    I'm sorry if I was rude.  I am new here and confused.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Before the forum was revamped, twice, or was it three times? to make it 'better', there were far more areas for very specific help with very specific things, even to do with help with witting books, never mind just publishing them here. (note the here).

    There was up to not long ago a Marketing section to get advice about it and to show people how you do it. It vanished.

    I see no harm in posting things in to General when no other thread seems the exact place. General does mean General! But do try to keep it Lulu specific.

    Do not worry about number of postings as long as they are not just ramblings or little to do with Lulu. Not many people post in them anyway, that's why you see so few names! Far more read the postings than get involved with them.

    Then again, when there were far far more choices of where to post and about what, far far far more people posted.

  • Not to be pedantic, but the number of forums was reduced from 14 to 6 mainly due to inactivity within many of those forums. There was one whole section that had not seen a new post for over 3 months.

    I believe part of the reason for the inactivity was that Connect will only display a limited number of active forums on the Discuss home page. Therefore, most people posted in the incorrect forum since they were unaware of the existence of others.

    Additionally, it may just be possible that people are searching and finding their answers within the forum without the need for creating new threads as evidenced by the graph below. I would say that our community regulars may have their own fans based on the number of page views our forums have per month.

    Now if we could only persuade more people to join into the conversation....

    2012 Post Views.png






  • "Now if we could only persuade more people to join into the conversation...."

    Surely not. The last thing we want or need is people joining in just to chat. It is a support forum after all and there are thousands of other places for them to go to if all they want to do is chatter. Otherwise how would sort the wheat from the chaff and drive down to the heart of a problem.

    I doubt if Lulu would be willing to employ more staff to do so and if it were to happen then most of the regular helpers would probably retire gracefully.

    At the moment the Forum is well organised and managed and it only takes a liitle effort for newconers to fnd their way around it to hopefully post in the correct place. On the odd occassion they mispost they are normally gently advised of a better place.



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Not to be pedantic  Smiley Very Happy  but those stats do not cover a large time period. It looks as if it only covers this incarnation of the forums.

    When I first started using Lulu the forum was much different, with a linear list of every area if I recall right, not just a main area titles with 'hidden' sub-titles. There were a great many number of titles including a few for people offering various services. Cover design, proofreading etc.

    If we wanted one adding we just asked and usually next day there it was.

    There was even a UK specific forum as well as the main USA one. There was also many for non-English speakers (which may still be there perhaps if you select an overall country option).

    I would estimate that around 500% more people used even just the English speaking ones. How many read but did not submit I have no idea.

    Then there was a major change for some reason, which actually broke it! For a long time! And many people never bothered to return, even though it was again replaced as to a fix.

    It's gone through many changes.

  • "Not to be pedantic but those stats do not cover a large time period."

    No - I think it's the funny american date format.

  • The above stats cover all of 2012 (January - December).

    I only started this gig last March, so I cannot answer for all incarnations of the forums over the past 10 years. This is simply what was in place when I arrived.

    And yes, there are forums dedicated to other supported languages. Unfortunately, not all languages are actively moderated, hence the occasional non-native English speaker who shows up in this forum requesting peer-to-peer assistance.

    Onwards and upwards!

  • There are only a few native English speakers frequenting the Forums and they all live this side of the pond. Smiley Happy

    For an example of how English should be spoken and grammartised see  http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=jY-PEeX5xYY&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DjY-PEeX5xYY&gl=GB

    Or better still this one  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rc15l-fbXoI#/watch?v=rc15l-fbXoI


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