Calendar Images: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add images to my calendar?

Click the Add Images button in the Project Images panel to select and upload images for your calendar. On the resulting pop-up window, there are several options for adding images to your calendar project.

  1. Upload - Upload files from your computer.
  2. My Lulu Files - Use images that you have already uploaded to Lulu.
  3. Online Photo Sites - Transfer images from websites like Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket or SmugMug.
  4. Fotolia - Browse the thousands of professional images available.

When you add images, they are displayed in the Project Images window on the right hand side of the screen. You can then simply drag and drop the images into your calendar layout.


What happens to images when I change a month's page layout?

If your new layout has the same number of frames, Lulu places the images into the new frames in the original order in which they were added to the page. If the new layout has fewer frames, Lulu removes the last image(s) from the page and reinserts it in the Project Images window. If the new layout has more frames, Lulu places the images in their original order, leaving the additional frames empty.


How do I stop an image from uploading?

Click the Cancel button below the image file list to stop the upload process. Select the checkbox for file name of the image you do not want to upload. Click the Remove button to remove the selected file from the upload list. Click the Upload button to restart the uploading process.


Click the Clear All button to remove all the files from the load list.


What does the green circle on my thumbnail image mean?

Lulu Studio™ places a green circle on the thumbnail to indicate that it is a licensed image. You will have to pay a fee if you use this image and have your calendar printed. The fee applies every time you put a licensed image in the book, even if you reuse the same image.

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