Green frame on bleed area for one-piece cover preview


I've uploaded a one-piece cover for my book, but the preview i'm being shown after uploading the cover, has a green frame all around the book (rather than my cover image bleeding off)?

Can anyone shed any light on this?

My book is a perfect bound, 32pp paperback with images bleeding to the edge.

Using the 'spine width creator' my trim dimensions are 38.93cm x 19.68cm. I've added 3mm bleed all around the cover to make final file dimensions of 39.53cm x 20.28cm.

The images in my InDesign file extend to the bleed area.





  • Yes, it's the area at which the print is folded around the cardboard. Keep your main image well away from them.  Smiley Happy

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  • James, just ignore. It's the possible crop area. Just look at the preview images at the end of the wizard.

  • I have the same question. This is the first time I'm using lulu for print. I am getting a pdf proof that looks okay but this green line would tell me that I need to severely shrink my layout for the image. There is no instruction that says I need to give any number on cm or inches to the boarder area so I don't know how much trim I need to be worried about. Do I just ignore this as is suggested or will that lead to disaster?

  • The Green border indicates the portion most likely lost when trimming.
    In your case, you see a large border because your book is a casewrap hardcover, which features a fold over of the cover against the board.
    You will absolutely need to adjust your image to allow for the cover fold or you will see content cut off/lost.
    Here's an article with more information about cover sizing:
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