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I am extremely angry and frustrated over the formatting changes which were applied by lulu in November. Up until then, this site was wonderfully easy to use, and I expected to do great things through it.

For the past month, I have had no success at all in getting the file for my new book uploaded. The site simply will not accept it. I have gone through the online Adobe PDF Converter, with its five free files, and changed it to a PDF. I have saved it as a "press" document, according to one help thread, in order to embed the fonts, but I have still, still, not been able to get anywhere. I am ready to slash my wrists, as this is about the only way to get my work into print that I can see right now.

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY I CANNOT GET MY PDF UPLOADED? AND LULU, SHAME ON YOU FOR CHANGING THE FORMAT THIS WAY!!! I was all ready to place a large order for copies of my book as Christmas presents, but obviously, that is not going to happen. I have read the various threads on this topic, and nothing comes through as a concrete method of solving the upload problem. It looks like a lot of ..."Well, you could try this..." or "...go to this website, and download this converter, and then join it with this other one..." I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!!! I WANT TO PRESS THE F--KING BUTTON AND GET IT DONE LIKE I COULD UNTIL NOVEMBER!!!!

As you can see, I am very, very upset. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO DO. If all I can do is buy the Adobe Acrobat software, then let me know that. But I am literally on the verge of losing my mind over this. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLP!!! And once again, lulu, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???


  • The change in formats that I refer to is how every file format was accepted by lulu for uploading until mid-November...there was no nonsense about embedding fonts, etc. You see, I am not a computer-savvy person when it comes to the more complex procedures. These new requirements are tricky. And I don't get why, after I create an Adobe PDF of my file, the site will not accept it. I use only Palatino font, which is a standard font. I am really, seriously stumped. And after all the online research I have done, and all the reading of the forum threads on this topic, I am still roadblocked. It's infuriating. I don't want to sound paranoid, but I'm wondering if there wasn't a hellish conspiracy between Adobe and lulu, involving kickbacks for the purchase of the software now required to submit files. Again, any help would be appreciated. I have a brand-new computer with Windows Vista, and I do not believe that my files are corrupted or anything like that.
  • No, Craig, unfortunately not every file type was accepted (and it's always been that way). I suspect it's you getting a new computer which has made things different, not Lulu. No it's not a conspiracy to force you to get new software.

    If you are using Windows Vista, are you also using Word 2007? Word 2007 files (ones that end in *.docx) are not accepted but Word 2003 files (ones that end in *.doc) are accepted and it's been that way ever since I had Word 2007. You can save your Word 2007 file as a Word 2003 file in Word by clicking the Save As icon (top left hand corner of Word) and choose the Word 97-2003 format. Lulu will accept that file.

    The issue with the PDF you created via Adobe again may be related to the way your document is set up in Word (before you save it as a Word 97-2003 or try to convert it with Adove). You will need to ensure that your document page size is the same size as you want your book page to be. Word 2007 defaults (in the US, at least) to US Letter size and Adobe also defaults to that size as well. Sometimes Lulu can't accept a PDF if it's the wrong size. If you want your book to be 6" x 9", you'll need to make your document size 6" x 9" in Word as well (otherwise the document will be shrunk and you'll be completely dissatisfied).
  • I have no idea what format you use, so I will run through what I have always done and hope it's near enough yours.

    First thing as Belinda has also stated is that you write your book using the size parameters of the book size you want to go to print. 6x9 seems fave with most people. There is a template for this on Lulu but I've found the best thing to do is write down the sizes, including mirror margin etc, then change yours in page set-up.

    Next, write your best seller. Once it is all done, I have always uploaded mine to Lulu as a word file, I've never converted to PDF. If you use standard fonts and the sizes conform there is no need to unless you have included pictures, which I have done for my new book.

    You should remember that putting page breaks in at various places is a good idea as it stops any strange moving around of your doc. I always put one in after the title page as the font is bigger, and then after each chapter as required.

    I've never had a problem with Lulu, following these easy steps should sort your probs out hopefully. Sorry you've missed the Xmas deadline.

    Dave Holland
    author of some books that I won't plug here.

  • I have a new computer with Vista and I have learned to use Openoffice pretty well. Lulu states from their main page on how to create a pdf, that Openoffice automatically embeds all fonts used. Is this true? One thing also, please, I read a post that suggested using a "section break" in Word instead of a "page break". I don't find that in Openoffice, only a page break. What's the down side to that disrepancy? If I have a nine chapter book, is it a problem to write each chapter as an individual file or can it work to continue as one? How would that affect the chapter headers? Smiley Happy
  • I am also frustrated with the pdf thing. I wanted to create a book with lots of pictures but full size text pages, which I cannot find in photo book layouts and therefore opted to create it as a pdf. The help page describes how to convert the file and advises to download the lulu specific printer settings. When I right click on the provided link I get a page. I saved the text to my PC and then I don't know how to get this saved page into my printer default settings.
    This is very complicated. It would be so much easier if lulu were to provide the layout of a full text page in the photo book layouts.
    Can someone please explain to me in very simple language how to get the file to appear as lulu in my adobe pdf converter printer section so that I can get on with the darn book.
  • SolarCat, I feel your pain. I tried the business of right-clicking and saving the lulu printer file to my computer, and got the same result. I gave up after a couple of tries, because what was supposed to happen obviously wasn't happening.

    Someone should be able to answer your question...it's just a matter of time. They even replied to my ranting and raving above. Smiley Very Happy
  • I want to thank everyone who responded to my rant which started this thread...I have at last succeeded in uploading my file. I do not know why this is, but my file will not upload to lulu through my home computer. When I brought the file to work today on a jump drive, I tried it and it uploaded with no problem at all. After almost a month of fretting, stewing, endless research and work, all it took me to succeed with this was switching to a different computer to upload the damn file.

    On a side note...would anyone be able to tell me why this is? Could it be that my internet connection (broadband) isn't strong enough? Not enough memory? It's not a big deal, as I don't do this more than once or twice a year...but I'm just curious.

    Thanks again to all for responding, and bearing with my rather unprofessional frustration. Lulu is still tops in my book...
  • "GRANDPA" wrote:

    Lulu states from their main page on how to create a pdf, that Openoffice automatically embeds all fonts used. Is this true?

    So far my StarOffice/OpenOffice PDFs have worked fine. You can open your PDF with Adobe Reader, choose "File -> Properties" from the menu and have a look yourself.

    However, the files might not be eligible for distro - some printers insist on original Adobe PDF files.

    "GRANDPA" wrote:

    One thing also, please, I read a post that suggested using a "section break" in Word instead of a "page break". I don't find that in Openoffice, only a page break. What's the down side to that disrepancy?

    But there is a break similar to the section break. It's a manual break starting on a new page and attributed with a different page style. Have another look - at the PC I'm currently using I just can't look it up.

    "GRANDPA" wrote:

    If I have a nine chapter book, is it a problem to write each chapter as an individual file or can it work to continue as one? How would that affect the chapter headers? Smiley Happy

    I haven't tried to upload separate PDFs, but I've heard that there are issues with combining PDFs. So far I've always worked with one file per book.
  • Craig, it may be your security settings in windows that are blocking the upload.
  • [/quote">But there is a break similar to the section break. It's a manual break starting on a new page and attributed with a different page style. Have another look - at the PC I'm currently using I just can't look it up.
    And I thought Christmas gifts were only under the tree. Well done, I hope. I haven't tried this yet, but would you say this will let me change chapters with different header text, etc? This is a nine chapter text only book with all chapters from the same template and I just want to lay out each chapter header a little different. I thought individual files was easier, only I haven't found how to combine them into one file, either original format or in pdf. Guess it's waiting around the bend. Thanks for your time.
  • Yes, the manual break is the heading, and the subheading is page break, but I read that Word has a page break and a section break as well. Wouldn't OO page break be just for changing pages? This is why I made each chapter an individual file. :?
  • the main thing to ask is - do you really need to create your own PDF when the wizards will create them? Won't a Word Doc do?
  • here we are, March 2010, and I can't upload PDF either.

  • If you want each chapter (or section) of your book to have a different header on the right side pages (odd numbered ones), you need to use SECTION rather than page breaks between chapters with Word.  It's a bit tricky and you'll have to play around with the header menu which asks you "Same As Previous" or "Different" until you get it right.  If you use only page breaks, all pages in all chapters will have the same header on the right hand facing pages (You have an option whether you want to use a different header for the left side facing page, but it too will be invariant across chapters).

    (As one reply noted, usually Lulu will work with a .doc file and not require a pdf.  However, one exception, which may not apply to you, is that if you have numerous footnotes, lulu will convert them all into roman numerals, which can get quite ugly, like LXXIV, etc.)

  • Hi,

    Firstly, don't waste your money buying Adobe Acrobat as it is incredibly difficult to use and quite awful.

    I had this problem with my first book. There was a message indicating a problem with embedded fonts when I uploaded my PDF files.

    The parts of my book were originally created in WORD 97. I then converted them to PDF using OpenOffice. According to the information on the Lulu website if you create PDFs using OpenOffice, they automatically embed fonts. This is not true. You have to change some settings first.

    If you use OpenOffice and want to export the file as a PDF with embedded fonts, you need to click on the following checkboxes to change the settings:

    1.    lossless compression

    2.   PDF/A-1

    You get these options when you click on Export as PDF from the File pop-down menu.

    Hoe this advice is useful.

    Tony Hawken

  • Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried it, and it worked.

    Then I tried an old file PDF that used to fail that that worked as well.

    It appears that some basic problem with embedding type one fonts has been fixed on the Lulu site, so I am not having this problem any more.

  • Can someone tell me how to start a new thread on this forum, please.

    I have downloaded the test file on the LUU publishing page and can't even upload that. What can be wrong. I use Vista on a toshiba laptop.

  • To start a new thread ... search for a thread, and at the bottom of the search results, there will appear (sometimes at least) a link for creating a new topic.

    AND.  if you want help, you should include the exact text of the error message that you get, and detailed list of steps that went through to get that error.  Simply saying you "can't upload" leaves many possibilities, some of which are not flattering.

  • I have been trying for a week now to figure out the pdf system using my Mac. Everything I have read here is Windows related. This is my first book and I have been looking forward to creating an e-book. I have a lot of text and about 30 photo pages. I finally got to create a pdf file using my Epson printer. These pdf's downloaded the files to Lulu but after everything was downloaded I was not able to see what I had done. The link sent to my email showed the cover pdf when I followed the line but the link to the rest of the book shows nothing. This seemed like a relatively easy straight forward procedure but have I ever been surprised. 

  • I agree.... The new formatting glitches - embedding fonts SUCKS! It used to be very easy. Now it is a hEADACHE!

  • I'm very frustrated as well. The support here is terrible. I have several disadvantages that limit my functionality. I can't connect with Core Lite, my products are in two places and I have overpriced products but "support" is non-existent. I'm in the twilight of my life and I want some success before I give up the ghost. I was a geek but a brain tumor stole that from me. Now I'm just a struggling author and nerd. I can't sing, I'm tone deaf so can't play an instrument, physical impairment means I can't dance and I draw stick figures. My imagination and writing are the only assets that I have left.

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