Can't proceed beyond setting project price

I am doing a second revision of my e-book with some changes required for other distributors. In submitting my revised file, I have not been able to get past setting my project price. It goes the first time to the review screen and then when I click save and continue, the message comes up that it is applying the DRM to my file and then it takes me back to the pricing screen with the message: "There was an error saving your pricing information. Please verify your pricing and continue." I have tried downloading a different file, tried changing the price, tried changing internet browsers, and tried for two days all without success. Is anyone else having similar problems? It didn't do this when I submitted my book the first time.



  • Since the introduction of the new Lulu International Shop software a few weeks ago anyone creating or revising a project with those default currencies will experience the problem when trying to set a price.
    The solution is for everyone to select (normally from the foot of the BUY TAB page) one of the available country/ currency options.
    Once that is done the price in a project can be set up as normal.
  • Thanks, your suggestion workedSmiley Happy

  • I am in Brisbane Australia and I am also having this problem. Can you help please?

  • See your other post.

    Same answer as below. 

  • Where is the BUY TAB page?
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