One piece cover design template

Where can  I find the template for the 6x9 one piece cover?


  • You don't need a template for a one piece cover. All the information required is provided at the cover stage!
  • what if you do it on InDesign?

  • It's straight forward. Create a 2 column INDD to the page size dimensions given with gutter size the spine width.

  • that's the problem, how do you calculate the spine width ?

    >>>>> sorry my bad! just found the spine calculator.


  • You don't calculate the spine width. It is given to you. 

  • oh, when is it given to you?  I can choose a few things like paper, format etc, but no spine width is displayed.

  • When you get to the Cover Stage of the Publishing Wizard and select the Advanced One Piece Cover Designer it is all given to you.

  • Oh I see.

    As I wrote on my first message, I don't use the wizard.

    Being a graphic designer it'd be a crime to use it :-)

    I work on InDesign.

  • You have no choice but to use the Cover Wizard, it's how the PR file is created that Lulu uses to print the covers. It also gives you a Preview of that file before you click Continue.

    It's always best to look at the tools before you even start planning.  Smiley Happy

    This is the 'normal' wizard >>

    You still have to use it even if you just load up a single image. (Or two. 1 for back and 1 for front).

    The 1-piece option is the same but it allows you to upload a complete image that includes front, spine and back. An image that also has to include the allowance for trimming, and if a hardback, then for the fold-over.

    How Do. Take a seat.
  • omg sorry you're right.

    the wizard!

    a nightmare!

    being forced to upload jpegs or pngs is not my idea of professional printing, but I'll try to adapt ^^

  • I did say create an INDD!

  • Thank you. 

    It was a bit confusing at first, but I guess one learns quickly.

    Coming from the print industry, those wizards are a little bit tricky to use.

    Anyway, many thanks for the insightful advice.

  • being forced to upload jpegs or pngs is not my idea of professional printing, but I'll try to adapt


    This is professional printing, 2012 style  Smiley Happy

    How Do. Take a seat.
  • This isn't an answer. It's a mystery.


    What is a 2 column INDD? For that matter, what is an INDD?


    The real question is: what are the dimensions of the page with spine figured in?

  • INDD (I believe) refers to an Adobe InDesign document.

    As for the cover dimensions, they'll be based on the format and page count, so you'll have to upload and convert the interior file before we can provide the numbers.

    Once you have the interior uploaded, select the One-Piece option from the Cover Step and you'll see the complete dimensions.
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