can I post a technical support question here?

Hi I've tried looking all over and have talked with customer support twice but I still can't understand how to solve this problem.  


My pdf file is apparently 8.5 by 11, though the margins are set for 5.5 by 8.5, which is the size of the book.  I don't know how to resize the document.  It began as an open office file and was turned into an adobe acrobat document.  If someone could be really specific about what to do I would appreciate it.  Thanks.  Sorry if this is not allowed here.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    You have to edit (shape, size, layout, etc) the original file if you cannot edit the PDF.
    But the pages do have to be the same shape/size as the book Project shape/size you want to create, the margins fit inside the page :-)
  • If your original document is 5.5*8.5 then just upload that.
    Don't try making a PDF out of it.
    Lulu will make the PDF.

    If your original document is 8.5*11 and you want 5.5*8.5 then you must create a new document of the correct size. 

  • Hello


    Lulu have asked that I upgrade the category of my book. Although I am able to change the category without a problem, there is no "Save" button as described in their instructions. There is only a "Next" button which takes me to another page with the following button options "Cancel", "Create Revision" and "Approve Book". Common sense tells me to use the "Create Revison" button but because one of the other options is "Approve Book" I am concerned that I may be in the wrong page and will disrupt the existing format and settings for the book.


    Also, has anyone a telephone number that is answered by Customer Services.


    Thank you  for your time.


    With best wishes for a happy Easter





  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Hello, this thread is years old and what you ask has been gone over and answered in other very recent threads.


    Lulu only have a phone number to do with their paid for publishing services.



  • Thank you for responding so quickly to me.


    I am still finding my way around the lulu website and will endeavour to search the threads to find the answer.


    As I have publshed through lulu and will probably continue to do so, I  have, and will be paying for services but sadly, find their customer service response to queries (of which I believe I have made 3 since 2013) almost non-existant.


    Thank you once again. I appreciate the help you have given.


    With very best wishes


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