Tracking E-Book Downloads

Anyone know where I can see how many downloads my e-book has had? The revenue tracker only shows the printed version of the book. This is a free e-book, does that matter? Thanks.


  • Hello!

    Unfortunately, we do not offer a way to track free eBook downloads at this time. If you set a price for your eBook, you would see those sales listed along with the print book sales.

  • Albeit it's already been stated that you cannot track free eBooks, I have been doing so for quite a few months now, by visiting the All-Time Revenue tab, subtab Total Zero Creator Revenues. Here I note what eBooks I have sold for free, even though they are not included within the Total Content tab (where paid eBooks are located). If I am mistaken, I apologize and would gladly be corrected. However, the eBooks I have been tracking were free and the data was available (which logically follows that this is available to everyone).
  • Wrong answer, see Adventure writer's post of 2-22-12.
  • Thank you for solving this for me!!!
  • Erin W. at Lulu Community Support,


    Is your post of February 2012 still the case: namely, there is no way for an author to track the number of downloads for  a free eBook (pdf)?


    Thank you.


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