where do I order my "proof copy"?

Hi! (first book publishing newbie here...)

I just clicked on Global distribution, and it brings me to the checkout, but I believe I need to order a "proof copy" for me to review. I can't find the tab where I can purchase it at my own discount instead of the full price others would pay. Any help is appreciated.

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  • From Global you can purchase the distribution package now or later.
    From your My Lulu, My Projects click on Buy next to the book name.
    First check your email as you should have a Coupon that you can use to buy the book for free but of course pay for the shipping.
  • where can i find the global distribution page/package?

    id like to get the proof copy but cant find out how to do it.  can u please send me a link?



  • You'll want to log into your account and click the "Manage" button for your book. Then follow the prompts, order a copy, and once you are happy with it, click the "Continue Distribution" button associated with the book.

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