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I have my book ready, but my graphic designer is waiting for me to upload him my ISBN number, and bar code so he can add it onto the back cover of the book and the title page. If I'm letting Lulu provide me with a free isbn, and bar code, hoew do I get it without uploading the file first. It's pointless to upload the pdf file of the book first since it needs to be edited still, because the bar code and isbn are missing ffrom it.

Any help is appreciated!




  • Lulu will provide a way to dowload their barcode way before you upload your cover. Just follow the process then stop as soon as you get the barcode.



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  • You must start a new project and just run through the first stages and then wait at the upload stage.


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  • i have my wrap cover already designed and saved as pdf, I have  not been able to figure out how to copy and attach the bar code to my already designed cover

  • This is a very very old thread ...


    On the page where you opt for an ISBN you should see the option to download the barcode the Wizard generates. Download that and paste it to your art.


    But, what Cover Wizard are you using?

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