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Cannot "View All" of my projects. Browser freezes.

I have noticed that for the last week or two the "View All" button in my projects will not bring me to my complete list of projects. It simply freezes or produces a blank screen whether I am using IE 7 or Mozilla firefox. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Please advise.




  • Carl, you need to start a Support ticket on this. Hit the Help tab above, scroll down to the Support link, then look out the email link for Lulu website issues. When you get the auto reply, you need to respond to it in order to keep the ticket open.
  • Thank you for pointing me in that direction!

  • Dear Lulu,

    These links do not provide a solution to my problem. As I stated, I have published 13 items on Lulu. My problem is that now, when I click on the "View All" of my projects button under my projects, the screen just goes blank. It does not matter what browser I use, or which computer I use to go to my projects page. There is something wrong with the my projects wizard for project lists >= 13 projects. Could you check this out please?

  • Hi Carl

    I take it this is the response you sent back to the auto reply that came from your Support mail?

    (Can you work that sentence out? Smiley Happy )
  • The text in my previous post was the same text I sent in reply to the auto-response email I received from Lulu after contacting them to describe the problem I am having. I have a contact number now, and have replied to the auto-response with a pretty clear description of the issue, but so far I have not received a second response. This is a pretty serious issue for me (and I think anyone else with more than 5 projects), as there is no way I can get to them to edit, revise, etc. I will wait until next week to see what happens.

  • I still have not received a response from Lulu, and my "Show All" projects button still does not work. The URL in the address bar goes to "http://www.lulu.com/author/" and the screen goes blank, and that is it - regardless of what computer I am on, or what browser I use to try to view my project list. How can I escalate this? It has been over a month that I have not been able to access my project list.

  • There was a bug in the project wizard, and Lulu has fixed the problem. I am good to go! Thank you Lulu!

  • Does this mean they must fix the bug in everyone's individual computers?  I can't get to my projects either. 

  • I'm having the same problem. I began to revise a project, got to a point where I tried to save and continue and got a 'unrecoverable error' message. From that point on I can't get in to finish revising my project and nor can I access my project list. All I get is a blank screen. VERY frustrating!

  • I'm having the same issue as Fabian - click revise and getting ablank screen. I haven't tried a veiw all projects yet to see if the issue might be related. It is happening in both IE and firefox

  • I have had the same problem for almost a week and they haven't done anything to fix it——— I CANNOT ACCESS MY PROJECT LIST.  Neither Firefox or Safari works.  THIS IS TOTAL FOUL UP!!!!

  • I started a new account, and have the same problem with it— I click on "My Project List" and get a blank screen.  This has been going on for too long, and I'm starting to look at other P-O-D places.  I've liked Lulu and spent a lot of money here, but this is a pain in the

  • I cannot get to any of my projects either and no one can add my product to their shopping cart and therefor pay for them.  When I try to link to them I go to a blank page, when I try through my storefront it goes to a blank page, when I go through Lulu and then try to add my product to a shopping cart it goes to a blank page.

  • Thank you all for bringing this issue to our attention. Our engineering team has fixed the bug that was causing issues with project lists not loading properly. Please let us know if you have any further issues.

  • Did any of you know that USA LULU has engineers working on what they define as a "bug," I just uploaded and completed my works and sadly no one can access it to buy it because I can't post it yet. Anyone have anymore insight on this. It has taken weeks for them to fix this problem.


  • I totally agree! I cannot access my project list. How in the world am I supposed to get this project done?

  • kcast,
    You are responding to a thread from 2010, so it is a bit out of date. I would recommend shutting your browser down and then opening it and trying again. Alternatively try with a different browser. If neither of these solutions work, then try contacting Support. Our customer service team currently has an 88% satisfaction rate, so you know you're in good hands!
  • It is 1 September 2017 and I am having this problem today: cannot get into My Projects, no matter which browser I used. Have tried shutting down and restarting - to no avail.


    Clicking on 'Support' also gives an error message.

  • Sorry to hear about the trouble logging into your account. I'm not aware of any problems that would cause this currently, but I'll open a support ticket for you and ask our technical staff to reach out to you so we can try to get to the bottom of this.
  • Hi after loading all my pages and cover..go to save and continue the secreen goes balnk.I have waited twi hours and its still blank.I treied reloading and starting again and it always happens at the same point. Shpould I be waiting longer than this.Is anything actually happening???



    NickPopio wrote:

    Thank you all for bringing this issue to our attention. Our engineering team has fixed the bug that was causing issues with project lists not loading properly. Please let us know if you have any further issues.


  • Hi Charlotte,
    If you see a blank page after uploading and running the converter, you've likely encountered a problem with the converter.
    I suggest making a support case so we can have someone on our team review the project and help get you moving forward again.
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