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5 Tips for Selling More eBooks

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You've taken a big step towards reaching a whole new audience of readers by publishing an eBook through Lulu. But now, you've got to let the world know about your remarkable work, and we're happy to help. You can start by making sure your eBook is set to general access in the Lulu Marketplace. Then, by following the five short steps below, you'll be on your way to selling more eBooks and gracing the digital pages of eReaders everywhere.

  1. Price Competitively: It is a great idea to experiment with different prices for your eBook and to price competitively with other books in the same genre. Pricing your eBook is always up to you, but we've noticed Lulu authors that price their eBooks in the $.99-$2.99 range sell more units and earn more revenue than those in any other price range.
  2. Ratings and Reviews: Think about the last time you bought a product off an online retail store. If you're like us, you probably read a few reviews or at least looked at a couple star ratings before you handed over your hard-earned cash. The same is true for readers coming across your eBooks. The more ratings and reviews you can get for your eBook, the easier it is for a reader to decide if they'll like your work and actually commit to a purchase. Don't be shy, ask friends, family, and long-lost colleagues to rate your work. The more, the better. Ratings and reviews are different on each marketplace - Lulu and the iBookstore - so encourage fans to rate your works in both places.
  3. It's Who You Know: Social media and the Internet make the world a much smaller place and luckily that works to your eBook's advantage. Tools like Facebook, Twitter, and a personal blog make it easy to start and join in conversations related to your eBook's genre and build a reputation for yourself. Make sure that you're adding value to the conversations you take part in though; nothing will turn readers off quicker than being spammed with links to your work.
  4. Coverage: Getting coverage in the media is another good way to get some extra attention for your work. Research how to write a good press release and come up with an interesting story angle, like what inspired you to write and who your writing will benefit. Newswire services will help you distribute your release to key journalists. Like  #3 though, be sure you're sending press releases to the right journalist, a reporter that covers political news won't like it very much if they get a press release about your new sci-fi vampire novel.
  5. Reward Your Fans: As you begin to market your eBook, pay attention to who is buying copies and talking about your work. Give these early adopters incentive to tell others about your eBook by giving them free supplemental materials or a sneak peek at your next remarkable work.
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