Nook Submission to Barnes and Nobles

I've looked at the Barnes and Nobles site and while it has lots of info on becoming a vendor for printed books, I don't see anything about how to submit an eBook.

My eBook is now on:

I is also available through the iBookstore now. 

Since my book is Color photographs, I don't think submitting it for the Amazon Kindle is a good move right now since everything would only show in B&W. Hopefully Kindle introduces their Color Kindle soon.

I know does something with eBooks for wider distribution once the book is on iTunes but how does that really work?




  • You can use B&N's PubIt service to submit your ebook for the Nook. See



  • Was very frustrated with the conversion of my book to eBook through Lulu and ultimately just stayed with paperback and PDF.  Used pubit for the eBook (after many revisions using Sigil).

    I see mention of Smashwords and wonder if anybody has had success with using them, at the very least for marketing, as they claim to offer "free" tools for that??

  • Hi Patti,

    I'm sorry to hear the book to eBook conversion process was frustrating for you.  What exactly about it was frustrating?  What suggestions do you have for us?  Any feedback you can provide will be helpful so we can continue to improve publishing here at Lulu.


    Andy Trus

    Product Manager of User Experience

  • It took me quite awhile (maybe 4 weeks) too to get an ePub on Lulu that would pass ePubcheck. Last night I added my book to Barnes and Nobles using Pubit. It was a breeze to do.

    I appreciate all the help I received through this forum and Mobile Reads forum.



  • Andy,

    I wrote my book with absolutely no intention of selling.  I just put it together for my two sons so they could read about their grandfathers experiences in World War II.  DH convinced me to publish.  Book was created with Microsoft Word 2007 and I used TOC within document, I also had page numbers, Headers and Footers plus Footnotes to add to the confusion.

    The original was fine for the paperback and PDF on lulu, but the ePub was a mess.  So many extra spaces and it didn't like my TOC.  The footnotes looked like just a part of the book rather than something on the bottom.  I eventually just put all footnotes as an Index, etc.  Basically I took out the "fancy" stuff and I tried using Calibre software to convert my PDF to ePub to build a proper TOC and then used Sigil to clean up what I could.  Then uploaded through Lulu just for the ePub but it still didn't look the way I wanted. 

    After working way too many hours with trying to clean this up and making it into a completely different book,  I thought I would see how it looked through PubIt. Well, I still needed more format changes but I did eventually get it to work there.  So now I have it listed in two places... 

    Mission Reports now available!

    Ebook @ Barnes & Noble:
    Paperback or PDF @ Lulu Publishing:

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    'True' e-book files are not at all like files for the printing of a paper book. As far as I know, in e-books the text is more or less continuous. No real pages or page numbers, no headers, no footers, because the person reading can set so many options themselves, such as font size, that those things would just get messed up.
  • Sir,


    My name is Mark Shrewsbury and I recently placed my new novel, The Bearer of the Elven Promise, on Lulu but couldn't click on the option to sell or submit to external outlets such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble and acquire an Lulu provided ISBN number.  The option was there but was blurred out and I couldn't click on it.


    Any help you could provide with this matter would be greatly appreciated!


    Very Respectfully,

    Mark Shrewsbury

    Staff Sergeant (Retired)

  • Hi Mark,
    If the option is greyed out, it means your format isn't distribution eligible.
    You can back up to the Option step (or if you finished the book, create a revision). On the Option Step, look for the formats with the Green Check mark indicating it is distribution eligible. This will allow you to select the distribution options on the Title step.
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